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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained These School Holidays

23 Apr 2016

The school holidays are here! Spend some quality time with your little loved ones and make things interesting with these five simple yet memorable ways to keep the kids entertained.


Whip out the crayons, scissors and glue because you're in for hours of creative madness! Whether you're colouring-in, which is excellent for both adults and children as it works in a similar way to meditation, or just chopping and pasting, art and craft proves perfect for bonding within a calming environment, exercising creativity and motivating high spirits. Save big and create your own ultimate craft supply SOS box at the Reject Shop, where you'll find many art, craft and even garden supplies sure to keep you and your little helpers busy for hours.


Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?! Encourage your kids to partake in this passion, to get a little messy and of course, enjoy the end result together in good company. Regardless of whether your cookies or cake are without enough toppings or perhaps have too much sugar, what really counts is the making of it. Get your little ones to pick out one or two of their favourite recipes or something new that they'd like to try, cook up a storm and share a few laughs! 


You don't need a lot of money to treat your kids to a good time, because when it comes to all things beautiful, Mother Nature has you covered. Leave Netflix at home and chill outside instead! Get out there and be daring as you go on an adventure with your little campers, get a buzz out of a long bushwalk or catch the sunshine before Winter comes with a swim at your local beach. Visit your local park, take a trip to the nearest reserve and motivate how to love the natural things in life too. 


Pick the perfect board game for family night from these classic five, and snuggle around the lounge room, come together at the dining table or play outside by the barbecue. The awesome thing about board games and puzzles is that they come in such variety and are suitable for ages even starting from zero, so you'll not only find the right game, but you can also ensure that everyone will enjoy it. Strengthen the bond between you and the family, share the giggles and create memories that are hard to forget.


Speaking of memories, scrapbooking is ideal for kids to document their unforgettable and enjoyable experiences these holidays in a fun-filled way. Jot down activities, add illustrations, stickers, collage and create cheerful pages within your own scrapbook. This is also a great form of art and craft, which allows your kids to recount and to later recall their fondest memories. And lucky for parents, scrapbooking can also be a very time-consuming activity for children, perfect for either joining with them or alternatively, leaving them to it as you run errands or keep busy around the house.

To get inspired these school holidays, The Reject Shop offer a wide and affordable selection of art and craft, games, toys and everyday essentials for organising your very own creative workshop at home. Happy Holidays!