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What Buying Local Really Means

26 Apr 2016

You’ve probably heard the phrase “support the little guy” before, because when you buy local, you act global. Here, how it pays to sometimes trade that subway footlong for a focaccia at your nearest neighbourhood café.


A prominent benefit of buying local is that you confirm support for your community and in turn, greater job security for its residents. Buying items that are a “product of Australia” means increased stability. In a recent article, statistics determined that ‘for every $1 million invested in the Australian manufacturing sector courtesy of “buying Australian,” 12 new full-time jobs are created’.


In Australia, having access to such a rich supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is truly something to be grateful for. So why not take advantage? An increasing support for local farmers sees the purchase of local and organic produce growing higher than ever, so much that anyone who's part of it, is deemed a “localvore". Buying local from a farmers' or growers' market for example, provides you with the peace of mind that not only can you be certain your food is fresh, but you also know where it comes from. 

When you buy local, you consume food in its purest form; without the chemicals, sugars, additives and preservatives, all of which can be found in packaged foods. As an obvious result, when you and your family eat fresh, you reap the many benefits of having a healthy diet including a stronger immune system and greater weight management. 


It's personalised. This is especially what makes the experience of buying local just so special. When you enter a private business, chances are that you'll actually see the owner. You're more likely to enjoy a daily chat on a first name basis and to receive a stellar service with a certain humility and approach that's rare to find at a franchise. And if you ever feel dissatisfied as a customer, you have the opportunity to personally approach staff or to make suggestions, which given the nature of independent-run businesses, they're most likely to take onboard!


Wouldn't you rather use a specialised product specifically designed for your benefit? Certified biodynamic and major beauty brand, Jurlique, prove all the difference. Established in 1985, Jurlique rigorously follow the bio-intrinsic process of extracting farm-grown herbs and botanicals in order to produce a nature-driven and scientifically researched range of pure, exceptional skincare products. These skincare items are specifically designed and made to encourage healthier skin, and are available at your nearest National Pharmacies where you'll also find 100% vegan-friendly pure & gentle hair care from Davroe. Produced right here in South Australia, based in the quiet suburb of Newton, Davroe hair care has created a beautiful range of natural plant based vegan and eco-friendly products. Giving you 100% colour protection without the nasties of ammonium, parabens myreth and petrochemicals, the range continues to receive rave reviews from devoted fans all over Australia. 

Port Adelaide's hub, Port Canal Shopping Centre, are local and proud of it. You'll find all the specialised beauty products you need at National Pharmacies, Port Canal's prized go-to for all health care enquiries, whom continue to deliver a professional service for over 100 years now. Buy Local, Act Global!