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Why You Should Go To A Barbershop

29 Apr 2016

Say goodbye to the messy beard, and say hello to your sweetest shave! With the hipster trend out and the suave of 'Mad Men' back in, here's how Barbershops are making a comeback and business is a-boomin'.

Men are rapidly returning to their local barber and for great reason. According to statistics via Open Universities Australia, "over the past five years employment for barbers has risen by 5.8% and is expected to remain relatively steady". You wouldn't ask a barber for balayage, so why would you ask a hairdresser for a razor cut?

Just as a hairdresser is highly qualified in women's hairstyling, a barber attains an acquired skill set and specialised knowledge in men's grooming, which of course includes how to master the grand art of clippers. This may vary depending on the client's preferences but typically, alongside the clippers a barber will also use a razor, comb and scissors with cutting, shaving, fading, trimming and grooming the client's facial (yes, eyebrows too) and head hair all in the works! When it comes to grooming, the barber covers the desired shaving area in lather, and then removes this hair using a razor for a nice and sharp-looking end result. 

In the same way that women find comfort in retail therapy, a trip to the barbershop is just that for men. Take a seat in a fine leather recliner, get comfortable and know that you're in safe hands. Whether you have an espresso and read the morning paper or chat away with your barber and fellow comrades, the personalised experience of having your hair cut as you relax in such a warm and open atmosphere, is exactly why calling a barber shop "a men’s social club" is spot on.

Leading by example, Port Canal Shopping Centre's very own Barbers Of Distinction, House Of Lords, provide an unmatched service sure to meet all of your grooming needs. Open from Monday to Saturday, House Of Lords specialise in head and face shaving, colour artistry, hair cuts and hair tattoos, while offering a wide range of exceptional grooming products including Davroe gift packs for this Mother's Day. Walks-in are welcome.

Go get your suave on!