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Work, Play: 5 Board Games For A Happier Family

15 Apr 2016

Adulthood has its fair share of ups and downs, and when parenting, paying bills and juggling between work and home, we sometimes find ourselves slipping away from an important part of life's equation - family. Plan your next family night and rekindle the happiness at home with these 5 Board Games to kick things off.


Prepare for a long night ahead, because this game is not for the faint of heart. Play the long version and who knows when the game will end. Get the dough and own houses, hotels and even streets as you transform into a real-estate tycoon not to be reckoned with. Work on your game of persuasion and win a good bargain, but just be careful you don't end up in jail! This game is suitable for ages 8 - 11 years, but if you've already mastered the classic edition and want to mix it up a bit, then be daring and have a go at Monopoly: Empire for an exciting new twist.


Whether you play outside while having a barbecue or gather around the fireplace, this is one board game sure to put everyone's knowledge to the test. Based on the popular Network Ten game show, Family Feud, this ultimate fun-filled game offers more than 400 survey questions for keeping your brain busy and the competition booming, while the included fast money bonus round will get those hearts racing! This is suitable for 8 years+, and if you're up to the challenge - try the Family Feud 2nd Edition board game for all-new 'Survey Says' questions, fast money cards and more.


Fancy yourself a word buff? An avid reader? An awesome speller? Or perhaps you just love word games? Whatever the case, this all-time favourite, suitable for ages 10 years+, is designed to please and is still the world's most popular word game - and for great reason. In Scrabble, up to 4 players battle against each other as they interlock words made from letter titles of the alphabet; with each tile having a unique score value. We must admit, avid spellers and word buffs are at an advantage since the longer words often collect the most points. But if you get lucky with 10-point tiles, then formulate a unique word over triple word then there's no underestimating your potential. Anyone could win. But of course, this means the player with the highest score! 


Do you prefer drawing over spelling? Art over literature? Inspire the artists in your house to put their talents to good use in this epic drawing-guessing game, and for the drawers who aren't so good, brace yourselves for a whole lot of laughs! Designed for 2-4 players ages 8 years+, Pictionary is one fast-paced game which compels players to get creative, think imaginatively and comically draw before the time runs out! If laughter really is the best medicine, then this game of sketching and guessing will give you your dosage. It's a bird? It's a plane? What?! No...that's not a castle! Includes 1200 adult clues and 800 junior clues. 


Dream big with a full house or release your inner daredevil by risking it all on a YAHTZEE, which is five of a kind. Yahtzee Classic is a unique dice-rolling game where each round you must choose which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, until your next roll - when you have to play it out as it's given. This classic game includes a shaker, 5 dice, a score pad and instructions, and is suitable for ages between 8 - 11 years. This fun-filled challenger will have players shaking, scoring and get your poker face ready and roll that dice! 

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