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What Your Shoes Say About You

01 Aug 2015

When legendary rock band Aerosmith sang the walk before the talk, while Nancy Sinatra was convinced those boots could walk all over his cheating ways, we’re sure they were onto something. See, shoes aren’t just footwear and they’re not just another accessory - they’re an attitude, and a mindful choice to make a personal statement. So what do your shoes say about you? These six classic shoe types are sure to prove when the walk really does the talk…


Femininity meets power, and you’re in control. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to flaunt it. Whether you dominate a classic pair for work or strut a playful colour for a night out, nothing can hold you back!


You’re the smart-casual type. You have a good eye for trends that you find pleasure in, but you also value comfort. You’re independent, but not arrogant. You’re subtly trés trés cool.


You’re strong-minded and motivated. Boots can essentially be worn in any season if you know how to style them. They’re the ultimate player as their many variations each signal a slightly different persona, and they’re always on-trend. Ankle boots resonate warm vibes, a keenness to explore and an overall determination to accomplish while knee-high boots resonate a sexy confidence from within and a willingness to embrace new encounters.


You’re graceful and vibrant. You’re simply fashionable with a desire for pleasure over volume. The Ballet Flat makes the ideal work footwear for those who must ensure comfort while being neatly dressed, and they also make the ideal pick for a relaxed off-duty style.


You know how to kick it. You’re bold and hip, and you even have the courage to fashion a sporting pair with a dressy ensemble. You’ve got attitude and you’re proud to show it. You opt for the sport shoe because not only do you admire their comfort, but you also embrace the eccentricity that they bring to your personal flair.


You’re stylish but practical. You’re the cool-casual and outgoing type, and the in-between. You like getting dressed up, but you also like knowing you’re secure. If you’re wearing that everyday pair for work or rocking that pattern or pastel print in summer, either way - you emanate a certain confidence and playfulness that’s hard to miss.