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6 Famous Dogs We're Still In Love With

26 Aug 2017

We were previously smitten over kittens, and now it's time to celebrate the pups. Here, 6 famous dogs we're (still) in love with.



Anything is paw-ssible? This famous Jack Russell Terrier lead the beloved TV series Wishbone (1995-1998), which saw Wishbone embark on a new journey in every episode; employing famous characters throughout literature whilst daydreaming. From being Hercules to Robin Hood, this daring dog became an on-screen sensation.


Savefrom ivid.it585M NGODREAM DOG

Do I look rough to you?! She was the Rough Collie dog that viewers simply loved as the shining star of the precious family TV Series Lassie (1954-1973), The Magic of Lassie (1978) and Lassie's Rescue Rangers (1973) playing the one-and-only Lassie. In celebration of her long career, TV Guide deemed Lassie as "one of the greatest TV stars of all-time".

3. MARLEY DavisHair

Marley & We? If you haven't already seen the dear dramedy Marley & Me (2008), be warned - it's a serious tearjerker. Marley is cute yet super cheeky, and as he grows older, he starts to get out of control. Though Marley emanates a certain amiability that's contagious; transcending the screen and into your heart, you won't (ever) want to let go.


SaveFlickrby The White House277Demi's Trianglewishlist

Who runs the White House? Bo! Surely you've heard of the First Lady, but have you heard of the First Dog? Well, meet Bo. He's the famous Portuguese Water Dog belonging to President Barack Obama's family, and is worldwide renowned for his precious pawt in the first family.


Savefrom fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net117Edith BevinOz

We're off to see Toto? According to iMDB, Terry, popularly known as 'Toto', due to her star role in The Wizard of Oz (1939) alongside Judy Garland, is "without question, the most known dog in movie history". Terry was a Cairn Terrier who starred in 16 films, where she managed to brace the silver screen with her winning charm every time.


Savefrom JoviMy Favorite Family Films

It's me you've been looking for! Chris, a doting St. Bernard dog, made a name for himself around the globe as the beloved 'Beethoven' in the 1992 family classic of the same title. Beethoven is first brought into the Newton family as a puppy, in order to fill the emptiness in their house. And as Beethoven grows, his love only gets bigger.

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