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5 Scents You Need To Inhale

15 Dec 2015

Put the antibiotics on hold because as recent studies suggest, aromatherapy could be your natural solution to a range of health issues. Here, we reveal the beauty behind these five powerful scents and how your calmer and better life could be just a match away.


Not only can peppermint fix your smelly breath and assist with better digestion, it also helps to elevate your mood. When you inhale peppermint, you can lessen fatigue, boost your mood and as newer studies suggest, even reduce peripheral blood pressure. You may be familiar with peppermint tea, mints and chewing gum, but have you tried peppermint oil? By simply applying 1-2 drops of peppermint oil to your temples or forehead, you can relieve tension from headaches. And when you light a peppermint candle within any room, you'll experience greater concentration, ideal for studying and meditation.


Being both an antidepressant and a sedative among an impressive, extended list of medicinal properties, chamomile oil proves one of the most powerful oils for boosting your general health. Renowned for its calming potential, chamomile can be used as a sudorific in order to prevent infections as it rids the body from particular toxins, and then working as a febrifuge, this oil relaxes the body and offers ease from fever. If you're feeling the blues, inhaling chamomile oil can significantly assist you in elevating your mood.


Not only is this popular citrus fruit awesome for adding to your water and squeezing over your fish and chips, but it's actually packed with mighty detoxifying, disinfectant and stimulating attributes which can strengthen your immune system, improve your hair and skin and reduce fatigue. Ideal for both the removal of excess oil and the rejuvenation of worn-out skin, lemon oil especially as an antiseptic, offers an exceptional remedy for repairing your skin. Since it's packed with vitamins, consuming lemon oil works to stimulate white blood cells within your body, while inhaling lemon oil enables greater focus and tranquility for your mind.


You may already like this cooking ingredient, but now you can love oregano oil for not only making your food taste even more delicious, but for healing your insides too. As a strong antimicrobial, oregano oil has the potential to assist in combatting infection, while one of its primary functions is to support the immune system. Oregano oil is also ideal for aiding foot fungus, respiratory, parasitic and urinary tract infections and by inhaling its steam; you can relieve pain from colds and sinuses.


Providing a natural remedy for respiratory issues even including asthma and tonsillitis, this fine-smelling perennial plant has been treasured for over centuries by the Ancient Romans for its antiseptic qualities, and as a result, produces one of the most valuable oils there is. Lavender oil can be utilised as bug repellent, to induce sleep by way of innately treating insomnia, assists the digestive system by also increasing effective urine production, enhances prevention against various infections, relieves muscular pain and significantly, helps blood circulation. In amazing addition, lavender oil is reputable for its calming powers, which particularly help sufferers of anxiety and depression.