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The Starter's Guide to Coffee: 6 Types You Need To Know

04 Jul 2016

If your blood type contains poor traces of caffeine, here's a fast guide to six popular coffees on your next date.


With a whole latte milk, this coffee proves the perfect choice for those who prefer the in-between strong and sweet. Otherwise known as 'milk coffee', a latte embodies a mixture of steamed milk and espresso - so you get your caffeine kick, but can also take the time to enjoy it!


Similar to a latte, but would you like chocolate sprinkled on top? A cappuccino is much lighter on the stomach than a latte because it contains mostly steamed milk foam with espresso, then hot milk. For coffee art your eyes can treasure and a deliciously perfected ratio your stomach can cherish, make sure you order a cappuccino to "have here" - perfect for any cafe catch-up with family and friends.


For the hardcore coffee drinkers and gym junkies alike, this is an exceptional order. Widely available throughout Australia and New Zealand, this type of coffee is simply a double shot of espresso with hot water. As there's no milk, you experience the caffeine much faster - something you'll appreciate when you really need to wake up.


In a hurry? If you're still reading this, you've just found your match. For corporate workers, on-the-go busy bodies and straight-to-the-point kind of people, this is like a long black, except short and more concentrated for a fuller taste. An espresso is uniquely made from finely ground coffee beans with just a small amount of hot water.


We're not great at math, but we do know that chocolate plus coffee can only equal heaven. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this chocolate-caffeinated wonder, which uses espresso, hot milk and chocolate (usually cocoa powder). Remember a mocha as hot chocolate with coffee and a beautiful milk froth on top and if you're lucky, some marshmallows too!


This traditional choice is lesser in volume compared to a latte or cappuccino, and is basically microfoam poured over an espresso shot. As the name suggests, this type of coffee is called a flat white because unlike a cappuccino, which is known for its rich froth, this coffee is without. If your taste is more classic than quirky, you'll love this.

You won't experience the real joy of coffee until you've tasted it in true form. Treat yourself to a premium-made cup at Port Canal's favourite coffee stop Fast Break Cafe, open 6 days a week, but be careful while you're there - it'll be hard to resist their mouth-watering dessert.

Sip to it!