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How To Care For Your Winter Garden

12 Jul 2017

With the weather mishaps of Winter well upon us, every garden could use some extra TLC! Here, 6 simple ways to care for your garden.



It's true, they get cold too. Plants, like humans, need extra layers in the winter time and prefer a warm spot to grow. Mulching is both an essential and optimal technique for protecting your plants, but first, discover the right mulch for your type of garden.

Waterlogging is prone to occur in rainy seasons, so great ways to prevent this (as well as you can), and to further protect your plants, include: improved soil cultivation via mulching, using a balanced fertiliser, selecting apt surfaces and incorporating raised beds.



Think of pruning your plants like trimming your hair - in order for your hair to grow healthy, you need to have regular trims. Well, pruning your plants proves the same outcome; after you do so, plants appear healthier and tidy. The recommended intervals to prune will vary depending on the type of plants you have, but best ensure your garden is pruned regularly, especially during winter.


Whether you've always wanted a garden but never really had the time until now, if you're looking to recreate your already-existing garden or if you've just moved to a new location, then there's no time like the present to plant something beautiful. Grab yourself a notebook, and make a plan!



If a makeover is on the cards, then may the decorating begin! When you elect a warm garden theme, you're bound to embrace the outdoors even when it's "freezing". After you've pruned and planned, bring your dream vision to life with furniture, accessories, garden lights and plants galore! Be inspired this winter, and throw a garden party to celebrate!



Not only are planter boxes incredibly functional, but when furnished correctly, they're also incredibly stylish! Planter boxes are designed to both protect plants and to help save water; they also make for an excellent organisational tool - embodying a clever, space-saving and elegant design, which you can easily incorporate as part of any modern-chic theme.



If you're familiar with the term 'spring cleaning', well now it's time for winter polishing! Scatter and sort through your garden equipment, and as you observe the shape and functionality of each tool - discard what no longer works, then pristinely polish what does.

Not only do you prolong the life of your tools by organising your tool shed, but you'll also feel motivated to maintain your garden! A clear space equals a clear mind, right?

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Now that's chemis-tree!