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Port Adelaide's 5 Heritage Sites You Need To Visit

26 Jun 2017

Immerse yourself within the rich history of Port Adelaide. Here, 5 remarkable heritage sites that you need to visit.


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From its initial operation in 1869 as Port Adelaide's first navigational beacon, to having experienced heavy storm damage in 1896, this lighthouse proves an incredibly provocative history. Following such damage, it was clear that the lighthouse could no longer operate; it was then put out of service, and slowly restored at a later date.

In 1986, which corresponded with Adelaide's 150th Jubilee celebrations, the Port Adelaide lighthouse was reopened to the public. Today, it remains as one of Port Adelaide's most iconic landmarks.


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In the hart of Port Adelaide lies this vibrant attraction for both business and pleasure - an exemplary hub for all to enjoy. Due to its stunning location on the waterfront, Hart's Mill offers riveting views where its large space, which includes the beloved 'Hart's Mill Playground', proves a popular host for a wide range of indoor and outdoor festivities, such as the famous St. Jerome's Laneway Festival.

Hart's Mill is a State Heritage Listed building, and is one of the two paramount buildings that belong to South Australia's momentous Adelaide Milling Company.


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It's truly astonishing that this ship is still here, and there's no time like the present to hop onboard! It was first built in 1864 as a vessel for passengers travelling between England and South Australia, having made a record total of 23 return voyages. Today, the City Of Adelaide Clipper Ship is not just the oldest in South Australia, but it's the oldest surviving clipper ship in the world!


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The British Hotel is Port Adelaide's longest running pub. Amazingly, this heritage building was established in 1847 as a hostelry, and after several renovations, countless changes in ownership and even being shut down - it is still up, running and licensed! The British Hotel was last reopened in 2010, and continues to be a favourite pub and restaurant, which also hosts live music and special functions.



McLaren Wharf was constructed circa 1839-40 as the original constituent for a maritime base in Port Adelaide. McLarens Wharf, even after major renovations, still operates as a docking site for big vessels and a fleet of heritage watercraft owned by the South Australian Maritime Museum.

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