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Why Fidget Spinners Are The Latest Craze

03 Jul 2017

Whether it was a Rubik's Cube, Pokémon or the Tamagotchi, every generation had its own childhood obsession. And now, here's why fidget spinners are the latest craze.


Unless you own one or have already tried it, you're probably thinking what's all the fuss about?! Well, a fidget spinner is an inexpensive yet powerful toy with one function: it spins - and that's that.

The design may be straightforward, but its spinning motion has proven quite the widespread effect; used by innumerable crowds, and available for sale at both major chains and independent retailers on an international scale.

A fidget spinner appears much like an old-fashioned fan, and boasts a basic trilobed construction built from either plastic or metal.

Use your thumb and middle finger to hold the fidget spinner in one hand, and then use your other hand to flick the spinner. As you flick this toy, you'll then notice the speed at which it spins is most dazzling to the eye, even somewhat hypnotic.


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Fidget spinners were intended to provide each user with a new focus. Their repetitive spinning motion has been linked to achieving sensory stimulation, as it offers a distraction, which as a result suggests, a diversion for the mind from stress.

Due to such stimulation, recent studies have proposed that fidget spinners may even help kids suffering from ADHD or anxiety.

Since fidgeting is a natural human behaviour, the toy was actually designed to especially help those who fidget. Thus, this is how the name 'fidget spinner' occurred.


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Though recently popular, the original idea was conceived in the '80s and was officially introduced for the first time in 1993.

Fidget spinners have been banned at many schools, though ironically, the inventor Catherine Hettinger, after witnessing children attack police in Israel with stones, designed the fidget spinner as a catalyst for peace in helping kids to attain focus.

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Get fidgety with it!