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5 Secrets To Good Stir Fry

23 May 2016

There's something about a good Asian stir-fry that makes us wonder "just how do they do it?". Here, our friends at Man Lin Gourmet let us in on the saucy truth with these top 5 secrets.


If it isn't fresh, it isn't flavoursome. Having fresh ingredients is the make-or-break between an okay stir-fry and a great stir-fry. When choosing vegetables, it's absolutely essential that the selection is superior. After all, they do say that fresh is always best!


Whether dealing with chicken, beef or pork, the meat must be marinated. Your stir-fry will be incomplete if you do not prepare your protein correctly, which is why most Chinese restaurants will pre-cook. And by marinating your meat, you also avoid having grey and limp meat - something no one ever wants on his or her plate.


In order to achieve the quintessential flavoured oil for any good stir-fry, the oil must be infused with garlic, chilli and sautéed onion. This is how we attain an oil rich in flavour, delectable in aroma and basically, finger-licking good.


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Well in this scenario, we'd like you to keep calm and cook at medium-high heat so you can have your stir-fry and eat it too. Cooking at the right temperature is pivotal for all of your ingredients, which you will first have pre-cut and ready to go into the wok.


The sauce must be right; the superb combination of sweet and sour - this is your cherry on top. Not only do you need to ensure the sauce is balanced, but also that there's enough to adequately flavour your contents. The wok is held over a hot flame as the chef rigorously stirs until he or she can see the sauce is thickened to magnificence. An important note to remember is that a great stir-fry is not submerged in a gloopy sauce; instead it is immaculately complemented with a gently thickened sauce.

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