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Top Tips On Shoe Repairs

23 May 2016

Letting go of that one pair of leather boots you've had "forever" is tough, but when you see them falling apart - you need to do something. Here, 5 signs you need to repair your shoes.


When the top parts of your shoes are cracking, you may be able to fix this if it's only the surface that's affected. But if it's deeper than the surface, what's your best solution? Throw them out. We know it's hard, especially for those with hoarder tendencies, but if after you've tried polishing the surface and still haven't repaired this, then they're not worth holding onto. Just think of the extra wardrobe space you'll have!


Fix it. Lucky for us both, damaged soles is one recurring problem that can easily be repaired at your nearest Shoe Repairs. Some damaged soles are more visible than others, but to test your soles, press your thumb into the centre of your shoe sole. If you feel it's slightly cushion-like, soft or frail, then you need to replace it. Other indicators include uneven edges around the shoe's frame, and if you can see a circular wearing pattern or hole.


If you feel pain in your feet or notice a worsened posture when wearing a particular pair of shoes, you need to check your heels. For those who spend the majority of their week wearing heeled shoes, especially full-time office workers, having poor heels can affect your posture, the way you walk and can even cause back and neck pain. It doesn't take long to have your heels replaced and if you've a got a busy schedule, quickly visit during your work break or on your next shopping trip.


Experiencing discomfort when you walk can also be the aftermath of having weak soles. It's essential to remember that there are various types of insoles such as arch support, running and sports and gel, so when you select the insoles best suited to your preferences, this in turn, will maximise your foot support. Also, sportspeople and those who're always on the go significantly need this support to withstand high endurance or an intense workout. And by simply replacing your insoles, it'll feel like you're wearing a brand new pair of shoes.


It's simple. If you love your shoes, look after them. Invest in proper shoe care and cleaning accessories like leather spray, a stain protector, a shoe horn to avoid creasing, a suede brush or a polish cloth. We all know how hard it is to replace a favourite pair of shoes after we've carelessly ruined them, so it doesn't hurt to prevent and whip your shoes into better shape now.