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What Kind Of Jewel Are You?

26 May 2016

Immerse yourself within the legend of the stars and let your zodiac bedazzle you. Here, which jewel to wear for your starsign.


The Ram. March 21 - April 19
Your Jewel: Diamond

Like a diamond in the rough, your personality is something special. Even though you're known for your fire, forcefulness and determination, you're also commended for your loyalty. Self-driven, adventurous and with rulership over Mars, you're deemed the most physical sign and perhaps one of the most complex. But just as a diamond would, you shine in any light. 


The Bull. April 20 - May 20
Your Jewel: Emerald

Some may perceive you as uptight and introverted, but you clearly mean well. You exert great control over your relationships, strive for stability in all aspects and find change difficult. However, it's because of your hard nature that people also admire your focus and precision. And just like an emerald having flaws and distinct compositions, your attributes are not seen as negative...but in fact, they're precious. 


The Twins. May 21 - June 20
Your Jewel: Pearl

Curious, ambitious, sociable and having many talents, you attain a fast-paced drive to achieve goals and to enjoy new experiences. You're a standout, a unique thinker, eager to learn and constantly crave diversity; all of which explains why you're defined the scattered sign and why others may find it hard to understand you. But in the same way a pearl is both luminous and tough, your manifold personality is naturally exquisite and hard to break down. 


The Crab. June 21 - July 22
Your Jewel: Ruby

You think more with your heart and emotions rather than your head, which is why you're so loving and sympathetic. You're firmly led by your solid intuition, and are quite the chameleon able to adapt to any situation. But because you're quite sensitive, this means you're also selective with who you're surrounded by. Like the beauty of your heart, a ruby is recognised by its bright red colour and the way it glimmers. 


The Lion. July 23 - August 22
Your Jewel: Peridot

With the sun as your ruler, you prove to be one of the strongest star signs. Strong-minded, primal, fit, set in your ways and driven by fire, you inject passion into all parts of your life. And because you have so much energy and lead a positive path, it can be hard for others to meet on your level - probably because there's no slowing you down. Just like your zodiac and the very embodiment of a lion, the peridot jewel represents strength. 


The Virgin. August 23 - September 22
Your Jewel: Sapphire

Conservative, instinctive, giving and rather gullible, you tend to hide how you really feel on the inside. Others may see you as cool, calm and collected due to your apparent balance between intellect and practicality, but you can be picky and tend to over-react at times. Known as "the server", close ones cherish your warmth, devotion and benevolent heart. As the zodiac totem for Virgo is 'The Virgin', the sapphire is rightly your jewel as it symbolises wisdom and purity. 


The Scales. September 23 - October 22
Your Jewel: Opal

You are the epitome of balance. Very sociable, exceptionally well-spoken and having great communication skills, the scales are your totem because you know how to maintain balance even throughout the darkest times. Strikingly well kept together, you're expressive, admire a great exchange of ideas and you also cherish relationships. The opal represents confidence and constancy, so it should come as no surprise that this jewel is yours.


The Scorpion. October 23 - November 21 
Your Jewel: Citrine

Stubborn and complex, there's no in-between with you - you're either in for it all or completely detached. This can be positive or negative but for the sake of good, when you love someone, you do it wholeheartedly. You're deemed mysterious mostly because you're hard to read and quite distant but when you warm to someone, they see just how passionate and adamant you are. Just as you have no in-between, the citrine jewel embodies good fortune and success, but only for those who truly desire it.


The Archer. November 22 - December 21
Your Jewel: Turquoise

Luck apparently keeps at your side, while your larger than life personality tends to pull people in. Beneficent, open and proud, you can't help but release your inner daredevil in the heat of the moment. With fire as your element and the centaur your totem, you charge through life head-first and unafraid of its potential wrath. The wearer of turquoise is believed to be protected from evil spirits and harm, while bringing love, luck and success their way...sounds like the perfect charm! 


The Goat. December 22 - January 19 
Your Jewel: Garnet

With Earth as the ruler of your zodiac and the goat being your totem, it makes sense that the capricorn is one of the most level-headed star signs. Though your positive attributes are perseverant, cautious and giving, your constant tendency to want to control everything and your erratic mood can often be quite frustrating for those around you. However, being realistic and very reliable sees an outstanding partner in you. You stay true to your word and are a constant giver, which is why the jewel garnet, as the embodiment of warmth and passion, is absolutely suited to you. 


The Water Bearer. January 20 - February 18
Your Jewel: Amethyst

Enlightened, individual and having quite the dashing spirit, you handle situations with a broad mind and a certain calmness that others look upon in awe of. While exceptional, your modern mentality and advanced intellect are sometimes the cause of your habit to drift away, an impulse better labelled rebellious. So just as you choose your own path, the amethyst jewel embodies courage and clear-mindedness.


The Fish. February 19 - March 20
Your Jewel: Aquamarine

The helper and the natural healer, your zodiac exemplifies a true compassion that's rare to find. You sacrifice in the name of love, cross oceans to reach those in trouble and demonstrate a certain spirituality that attracts people to confide in you. However, it's not always rainbows and warm waves when you feel as though your kind heart has been taken advantage of, which is why you're quite emotional also. But like your healing hands, the precious Aquamarine stone, otherwise known as "the sailor's lucky stone" having powerful ties to the sea god Neptune, was once believed to cure various diseases.