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5 Flicks To Watch With Mum

05 May 2017

Nothing wraps up Mother's Day like the perfect movie. Get the popcorn, gather round and warm up to Mum with these 5 awesome flicks.

1. BEACHES (1988)

They may come from different worlds, but for eccentric entertainer CC Bloom (an irrevocable Bette Midler) and debutante Hillary Whitney (a moving Barbara Hershey) - friendship truly is forever. Following several years of letters, colossal heartbreak and life apart from when they first met as kids by the beach, Hillary journeys to New York to live with the one-and-only CC, whose charisma and wit provides a haven for Hillary's recently-broken heart. Garry Marshall's dramedy Beaches is a heartfelt tale of life, love and loss, that'll make you laugh, cry and most importantly, cherish true friendship.

Memorable Quote:

"You're not dead yet: so stop living as if you are!"

2. LION (2016)

Garth Davis' Oscar-nominated biodrama Lion is based on the remarkable true story of Saroo (played by an unforgettable Dev Patel), a five-year-old Indian child who got lost in Kolkata aboard a train to Australia, where he was soon adopted by Sue (Nicole Kidman) and John Brierley (David Wenham). Now 25 years on, and Saroo is determined to find his real family; solely relying upon his fragmented memories, which play on repeat, Google Earth and of course, his Lion heart. A must-see on any occasion. Buy the book for Mum before you watch the movie.

Memorable Quote: 

"Every night I imagine that I'm walking those streets home, and I know every single step of the way, and I whisper in her ear "I'm here"."

3. SNATCHED (2017)

Comedic delight Amy Schumer teams up with Hollywood favourite Goldie Hawn in Jonathan Levine's action-comedy Snatched, and it's anticipated to be the ultimate mother-daughter flick of the year. When Emily's (Schumer) boyfriend dumps her right before their holiday to South America, impulsive and thrill-seeking, she asks her ever-vigilant Mum Linda (Hawn) to join her in his place. But their exotic escape fast becomes a fight to survive through the amazon, where Emily and Linda will have to join forces - whether they like it or not. Bound to be one adventure-packed and hilarious ride. Snatched opens at cinemas this Mother's Day weekend.

Memorable Quote:

"We've been Liam Neeson Taken!"


Whether it's The Blind Side, Hope Floats or Miss Congeniality to name a few, Sandra Bullock is a sure thing - and most likely, one of Mum's favourites too. In this classic rom-com from David Lawrence, lawyer-activist Lucy (Sandra Bullock) believes in a good cause. But when playboy George (a fetching Hugh Grant), the face of development firm Wade Corporation, needs a lawyer who can actually get the right job done - going against her personal beliefs and much to her parent's dismay, Lucy accepts. But can the greater good change George, or will Lucy have to give her two weeks notice?

Memorable Quote: 

"You make Gandhi look like a used cars salesman."


If BuzzFeed's '22 Reasons "Steel Magnolias" Is One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made' isn't enough proof, we'll tell you - it's one of a kind. Led by an all-star cast with the legendary Shirley MacLaine, Sally Field and Olympia Dukakis, alongside Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Daryl Hannah, this is one movie you need to see. Set in Louisiana in a small town, Steel Magnolias centres around the intimate lives of the women at Truvy's (Parton) beauty parlour, whom face the unexpected side-by-side. Steel Magnolias is one big, beautiful emotional rollercoaster near impossible to not feel for, and the best part? You won't want to let go, not even for a second.

Memorable Quote: 

"I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."

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Happy Mother's Day!