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6 Benefits of Leather Shoes

03 Nov 2015

Among the mix of shoe fabrics where synthetic and bi-cast leathers commonly meet the eye, genuine leather naturally sets itself apart through its incredibly strong build, authentic look, smooth feel and satisfying smell. Don’t be discouraged by price tags, because in the long run when it comes to buying genuine leather shoes over synthetic, you’ll end up attaining a whole lot more for your money’s worth. Here, the top 6 benefits.


In the battle of survival between materials, real leather is made to steadily outlive most fabrics such as synthetic leathers, plastic and vinyl. High-quality and premium made leather will not wrinkle, and is vastly resistant to elements like water, which in particular, can easily damage synthetic shoes. By wearing leather boots in winter, you're sure to keep equipped for whatever the season may bring as genuine leather proves an outstanding durability.


Unlike synthetic shoes, leather shoes are more flexible and more breathable, and since they stretch in order to shape to your feet, they also prove substantially more comfortable. Their construct not only ensures more comfort, but it also prevents blistering and swelling which is more likely to occur when wearing synthetic shoes which don't extend well.


Timelessness you can treasure, leather is always on-trend and is uniquely elegant yet bold. For example, leather pointy heels make the perfect power player statement while also keeping it feminine. Regardless of what the rest of your outfit has to offer, leather is the muscle behind pulling it all together. Leather adds definition, and perfectly accompanies any piece in making a bold statement. And nothing says formal better than a pair of dressy leather shoes.


It's truly in the feel. Apart from visually identifying genuine leather, another great way to distinguish the difference is to simply feel it. Genuine leather resonates luxury and high-class fashion, where the feel is softer and the texture is strong. Since they're both durable and soft, leather shoes different from synthetic, actually age better with time becoming softer and tougher.


While often misrepresented in terms of substance, leather is actually a natural fabric, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable, and in comparison to synthetic leathers, is far greater for the environment. And of course, it smells a whole lot better.


When the time for spring-cleaning is due, you won't be throwing out that pair of leather shoes. Unlike other shoes, leather shoes are outstandingly low-maintenance, lint and dust-free, super tough and since they become even more striking over time, you won't expect them to break apart like a pair of worn-out synthetic shoes would. Instead, they can be easily cleaned and when they're wet, you simply leave them out to air dry.

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