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What Your Mo Says About You

10 Nov 2016

What used to be a patch of hair above a man's lip, is now a character of its own.

From the barbershop to Movember's bromance, here's what these 10 Mo types say about you.


Think: Clark Gable.


Like "The King Of Hollywood" himself, you're not afraid to show you're a classic man - in fact, you pride yourself on it. Old school, a true gentleman, tastefully witty yet sometimes arrogant, you love like you're gone with the wind and always look your best.


Think: Jimi Hendrix.


The go with the flow kind of mo, you admirably do your own thing. And just as the saying goes, 'When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace', you standout for all the right reasons, value humility and cherish what's individual.


Think: Hulk Hogan.


Otherwise known as the biker or 'horseshoe' moustache, The Trucker mo is not for the faint of heart. Made famous and worn with true grit by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, this is the leader of all mo's, dominant and made for the defiantly-strong.


Think: Ron Burgundy.


You may be familiar with this one, since most will use a stick-on when the Mexican-themed night calls for it. But if you've grown the real deal, then business is serious. Determined, tenacious and unusually charming, this is truly the Anchorman of all mo's.


Think: Salvador Dali.


Quirky, elegant and the creative type of all mo's, The Connoisseur, like the life of Salvador Dali, is truly a masterpiece. For those who fashion this mo, are brave, independent thinkers and surely, fearless in their pursuit to be true to one's self.


Think: Leon Mandrake.


Slightly less extravagant than The Connoisseur, but still magical in a right of its own, The Abrakadabra is for those who crave enchantment. Marvellous, refined and quite the mystical delight, the enlightened wearer of this mo proves the Mandrake of all.


Think: Tom Selleck.


Hollywood actor Tom Selleck, star of Three Men and a Baby (1987) and mastermind Albert Einstein, were known to fashion the The Undercover Brother. Bold, eye-catching and the commando of all mo's, you confidently stand your ground and simply, own it.


Think: Richard Pryor.


With your chin up and best foot forward, you're a man on a mission and no one can stop you. The popular upper class Hungarian mo, The Regent, showcases a style made for the ambitious, goal-driven and the valiant. Like Richard Pryor, See No Evil, Hear No Evil.


Think: Pablo Escobar.


If you've been watching Narcos on Netflix, than you should be familiar with how Escobar's moustache looked. Also made popular by Groucho Marx, The Box Car moustache represents a most passionate man, daring and one-of-a-kind.


Think: David Niven.


A young David Niven in Stairway to Heaven (1946) proved a man could be just as "masculine" with a barely there moustache. If you're a minimalist, a classic lover, find it hard to grow a mo or running out of time, then The After Eight was man made for you.

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And for all the 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' out there, there's no time like the present to reach out or raise awareness. It may be called 'Movember' but you can make a donation all year round to support the 'Most urgent Movember cause', 'Prostate Cancer', 'Testicular Cancer' or 'Mental health and suicide prevention', or show the love with some merchandise.