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Your Easy Guide To A Clutter-Free Home

15 Oct 2016

If a messy home equals a messy mind, then how productive are you really? Here, your simple guide to a clutter-free home (and life).


Before you start your home detox, it pays to first establish a systematic way to organise. One renowned process is called the 'Four-Box Method', which according to Cynthia Ewer, Author of Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Organised, consists of one rubbish bin and three boxes each labelled differently. Ewer's guide specifies the labels 'Put Away', 'Give Away/Sell' and 'Storage', though you might like to create your own to better suit you. For example, 'Toss', 'Donate' and 'Pack'. And whether you decide to add more or less boxes, this method proves an excellent way to assure clear decisions.


Letting go can be tough, and adjusting to change takes time. But when it comes to items like that fifteen-year-old pile of books collecting dust or that babushka doll you've had since you were a kid, we need to ask ourselves - do we actually need this? If you can live without it, if it doesn't add value to your life or benefit you in any helpful way, then simply do as Elsa in the movie Frozen (2013) does and let it go!


Remember, you don't have to do it all at once. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of clutter you're sorting through, this can be a timely task. Try working on one section at a time, where writing daily to-do's in your organiser or calendar will help you to achieve your overall goal bit-by-bit. The more you do, the easier it is to visualise your newfound space and of course, this includes redecorating!


With Christmas drawing close, many underprivileged people are without the essentials or the money to buy their loved ones gifts. So your "trash" could seriously be someone else's treasure. If you're not looking to cash in on decent belongings, then instead of throwing them away, think about donating to a local shelter or charity.


If you need motivation, grab a friend, pop open a bottle of wine, play some great tunes and dance away as you prepare for a clutter-free place. There's no pressure, so instead of stressing, get excited for a beautiful, fresh home ahead. And since a clean and well-organised space is said to allow for greater focus, increased clarity and overall calm, when you finish - you're also bound to feel like a new person!

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A happy home, a happy heart!