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3 Magazines Every Woman Should Read

22 Sep 2015

Whether you’re lying under a warm sun or getting cosy by the fireplace, there’s always a time and a setting just perfect for enjoying a good read. And since we’re always on the hunt for fresh new reads, we spoke to paper pros and lovers of the industry over at Port Adelaide’s Paper Shop while browsing their everyday reader’s galore which sits right in the heart of Port Canal Shopping Mall. Here are the three magazines that could shape you, make you and change you.

1. Prevention Magazine

Growing older naturally triggers many questions that are hard to answer but thankfully with Prevention Magazine, you’ve got a friend who can help. Renowned as the first Australian health and lifestyle magazine for women aged 40 years and above, Prevention Magazine is filled with rich content including articles, interviews and plenty of tips around the topics of health, fitness, weight loss, sex, love, food and of course, mind & body. Prevention Magazine provides engaging and informative content that the everyday reader can understand for achieving greater overall health by simply starting with a few small changes.

2. Women’s Health

Aimed at women from 25 years and onwards, Women’s Health is one magazine where you’ll find all the girly goods everywhere from taking care of your wellbeing up to cooking a delicious meal that’s light on your insides. Women’s Health offers lively and fresh material with an edge that readers will become both enlightened and informed by. Learn trendy tips for better health and beauty, try out some new fitness routines, get the lowdown on sex, the truth behind love and relationships, and ease your mind with the best of balance and wellbeing.

3. Colouring-In Books

While this may not be a magazine title itself, any form of this variety is sure to please. Release your inner child with an adult colouring-in book, which has been scientifically linked to lessening stress as a practise similar to meditation. When colouring in, a person’s brainwaves transition from a normal active brainwave into a beautiful therapeutic wave so if you can remember how much you loved colouring as a kid, it’s probably for that reason! Even if it’s been a few decades since then, get out the pencils and a colouring book because you’re set for whole lot of new fun, ideal for attaining a blissful state of mind at any age.

And for more great reads, visit your local Port Adelaide Paper Shop.