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How To Simply Ease Your Hayfever

29 Sep 2016

Regardless of cold or hot weather, hayfever can still get the better of us. Here, 5 simple ways to ease the symptoms and combat that cough!


The average amount of sleep an adult needs is typically 7-8 hours each night, but when we don't attain this amount, we can't help our body to heal itself - instead, we naturally make ourselves more prone to sickness. When we sleep, our bodies work to repair and restore, significantly strengthening our immune system and granting us more energy, so that we can wake up ready to brace the day ahead!


Sometimes it helps to think of your body as a car; if you don't have enough fuel, it'll break down. Even with enough sleep and exercise, if you don't maintain a healthy diet - you don't ensure a healthier heart. Incorporate more greens, cut down on sugar, drink plenty of water and remember the most important word in this equation; balance. If you have trouble eating well or simply don't know where to begin, then speak to a nutritionist, your local GP or even someone you know who leads a healthy lifestyle.


When you're sick, especially with hayfever, your body dehydrates a lot faster, which is why you need to frequently drink water. So if you drink alcohol when unwell, you further dehydrate your body and affect your body's ability to get better; jeopardising a fast recovery. As hayfever is an allergic condition where the main causes are pollen and dust, it's important to remember that drinking alcohol makes you more responsive to pollen and in turn, intensifies the symptoms. In general, alcohol consumption is strongly advised in moderation. And when sick, it's best not to drink at all.


Shake it, drop it, run it, squat, bounce or hip hop, for whichever you prefer - just keep that body moving! On average, an adult should exercise for at least 75 - 150 minutes per day. As stress is a major contributing factor in causing various health problems, when you exercise on a regular basis - you significantly reduce your stress levels.


Since pollen and dust are the main causes of hay fever, it makes sense why you seriously need to clean your house. If you've been outdoors sitting on the grass, playing soccer or simply haven't dusted your home in a while, then there's no time like the present! Regularly damp dusting and vacuuming works wonders for your general health, as it stops pollen from spreading. Changing the air throughout your home is equally important, which is why it's worth investing in an air purifier.

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