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5 Fashion Statements you can Make With a Springtime Scarf

25 Sep 2017

A lightweight scarf can be a woman’s best springtime friend. Not only can it add pizzazz to an outfit while matching your mood, but you can score one absolutely free. Now until supplies run out, you get a free scarf when you spend $50 or more in a single transaction at Rite Price Port Adelaide. Once you get your scarf, wear it one of these five ways to make a fabulous fashion statement.

Short and Sassy


Reminiscent of the nifty 1950s, the short and sassy looks involves a scarf worn snug around the neck. Fold your scarf into a triangle, then fold it again to create a medium-width strip. Loop it around your neck twice, securing the two loose ends in a small knot.

Fashionista Bandit


Put a classy edge on a Wild West look by wearing your scarf similar to a bandit’s bandana. Fold your scarf into a triangle, placing the point of the triangle on upper chest. Wrap the remainder of scarf around your neck, securing the loose ends in a knot on the side of your neck. Let the ends of the knot dangle down to the side.

Adorable Bowtie


Add a bit of adorable flair by fashioning your scarf into a bowtie. Fold your scarf into a triangle, then roll it to your desired width. Wrap it around the back of your neck once, tying the edges in front into a bow.

Snazzy Wrist Wrap


Scarves aren’t only for making statements around your neck. You can quickly add a dash of cool to your outfit by wrapping one around your wrist. Simply fold your scarf diagonally until you get the width you like, wrap the scarf twice around your wrist, and then tie the ends in a tidy knot.

Bunny Ears


If you thought the bowtie was adorable, just wait until you check out the bunny ears. Fold your scarf diagonally, and then again until you get the width you like. Place the back of scarf at the nape of your neck, wrapping the sides of the scarf up the sides of your head. Finish off the look by tying the ends into a bow or knot at your crown.