The architecture of the Port Adelaide Plaza represents a contemporary interpretation of Port Adelaide, juxtaposed with the amenity and experience required of the modern sub regional shopping centre. Timelessness is crucial to the design, with precise detailing of natural robust materials that invoke a sense of place, identity and pride. This retail experience is specific to this site, and can only occur at Port Adelaide Plaza. The design of Port Adelaide Plaza utilizes bold forms, lines and materials to provide unique shopping experiences throughout the site, an inconsistent consistency of sorts.

With over 50 retailers, the provision of memorable experience is crucial to the ongoing success of the centre. Each retailing experience is unique at Port Adelaide Plaza. Port Adelaide Plaza has been designed for the entire community – the shopper, the retailer and also for those simply looking to experience the community. Places have been intertwined into the design to gather, to sit, to watch and to participate. Port Adelaide Plaza is for everyone.

The Centre will include:

  • State of the art parent’s rooms and amenities
  • A combination of outdoor natural light and illumination for retail presentation and dominance
  • A veranda concept joining greenery, timber slats and cables and reflective of Port Adelaide
  • Timber planks, slats slotted and perforated veneers · Steel frame work expressed internally and externally

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